Melanie Duddy takes over as the New Owner of Curve

Melanie Duddy, owner of Brookes

With a background in fashion – Melanie has a degree in technology and design, was senior blouse buyer for Dorothy Perkins for 11 years and worked for Windsmoor Group’s, Planet label – she was a keen Curve customer looking to open her own boutique, when she heard the shop might be for sale!

“I’ve always loved clothes and fashion,” says Melanie. “I’ve had time away from the industry while bringing up my boys, but with a husband in retail I’ve kept abreast of fashion retail and now the boys are older, I am really enjoying being back at work and running my own business.”

Living in Little Chalfont, (Melanie and her family moved to Bucks in 1994 after a spell in America), Melanie often shopped at Curve and liked the store’s ethos and style. “I love the brands that have been established and the customer base,” she says.

I’m not planning any big changes, our Senior Buying Manager Karen Foley and the team have stayed on and are doing a great job. They are extremely helpful and are all trained in how the range fits together in key looks.

“We provide a beautiful environment, where you can feel comfortable and enjoy shopping and know you will come out feeling good, rather than ordering ten dresses from the internet and then having no one to discuss how they look with! We want our customers to have a warm, welcoming and enjoyable experience. If we haven’t got what you are looking for, we may be able to suggest other shops or internet stores that can help.”

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